The pig who wouldn’t fly

With stakes so very high That pig just had to fly Though Sam begged and pleaded Her cries went unheeded This was so important Yet that pig lay dormant Just too bloody lazy For anything crazy Sam gave up, walked away Roast pork was had that day The moral of this tale Live life, fly, without fail!Continue reading “The pig who wouldn’t fly”

Our hero (humor)

Imagine if you will Is how the stories start Taking us on journeys To exciting foreign parts   Warriors, monsters, trolls Helpless maidens to save Dark forests, grumpy mountains Crocodile-filled everglades   With trusty friend along Our hero storms ahead Was he ever terrified? The story never said   No matter the evil He’s readyContinue reading “Our hero (humor)”

I have a little secret (Humor)

I have a little secret And don’t know what to do If I share my problem Can I place my trust in you?   I used to take my secret beside me everywhere It was jolly useful And no-one thought to care   Initially I believed A use could still be found my sad littleContinue reading “I have a little secret (Humor)”

A catholic landay (politic)

(A landay is a small poisonous snake. The poetry form comes from how women in Afghanistan and Pakistan pass on messages in certain areas/circumstances, and is rigidly controlled in terms of syllables etc.) A Catholic Landay Our priest, the celebrated father his defrocked treachery confirmed my lifetime stigma

If I could change just one thing…

If I could change just one thing, you would discover a belly-laugh every day.   If I could change just one thing, there would be no racism, sexism, or ageism.   If I could change just one thing, you would enjoy a personal note, every day.   If I could change just one thing, bureaucracyContinue reading “If I could change just one thing…”