Just one left

Saving treats for a rainy day allows me to savor the possibilities. Long before grey hair and grandchildren, I inherited an ornate brass thing. I say ‘thing’ because it’s not an urn, a teapot, or bottle, but something between. It’s spout giraffes from the pregnant bulbous orb, before squishing into a tulip-shaped lip. Four tinyContinue reading “Just one left”

Getting remembered (humor)

Phoebe wasn’t mad; the certificate proved it. Yet this day would see her do the maddest thing possible. Her friends and family would ever-more remember her as that woman who… never mind. She dressed carefully; presentation was everything. To pull this off she’d need to be on top of her game, instinct aided by senses onContinue reading “Getting remembered (humor)”

Aroha’s story (Not for the faint-hearted. R16 please)

I don’t have a name. If I could choose, it would be Aroha, for love. Do you feel this love, or is it lost in the morning sickness that wracks your body and ruins your day? My strength genetically reflects you, dear warrior mother, yet my very existence depends completely on your mercy. Consider carefullyContinue reading “Aroha’s story (Not for the faint-hearted. R16 please)”

Trust Uncle Henry (references abuse)

God its cold! Even with my new shawl wrapped tightly, the wind cuts right through. All the mourners look like they’re cold too. Poor Mum is clinging to Dad. She spent ages this morning trying to decide which gloves to wear, like it makes a difference. Dad’s numbly stoical, fortified by his best dark suit.Continue reading “Trust Uncle Henry (references abuse)”

A whale of a time (Creative non-fiction – humor)

(February 2020) Trapped in a bubble, suspended 1400 feet above the sea, along with four strangers half my age; help! What on earth am I doing here, and how, exactly, is this going to end? Yesterday I was sedately heading home, having survived the very real danger of being beaten (again) at cards by theContinue reading “A whale of a time (Creative non-fiction – humor)”

So close! (That’s life)

Nearly there! Sarah couldn’t wait to be home… seven long months away, needs must and all that, but now, heading home.  As the landscape became more familiar, Sarah began to notice small changes… a pruned farm hedge, a new crop, the old Williams place has been painted. That’s one of the delights of course, everything’sContinue reading “So close! (That’s life)”

Catching up (Humor)

‘Sue, is that you?’  The voice transported her to another place, another time. Long summer evenings, warm coals, pests that bit deep, tired bodies, impossible yarns.  She turned, and was not surprised.  ‘It is you!’ Tom was in full flight mode. ‘Who’d believe it, after all this time? How are you doing, what are youContinue reading “Catching up (Humor)”

Fog (That’s life)

Fiona began to wake slowly, snuggled in the warm comfort of her own bed. In her dreamy haze, she ran her fingers expectantly down her stomach; reality crashed into her day. There was no bump, no baby.  She caught her breath, but it was no good; tears engulfed her yet again. Would the pain everContinue reading “Fog (That’s life)”

Christmas surprise (That’s life)

The envelope was finally here. Joanna left it on the table while she made a cup of tea, savoring the moment. With her mum and dad out shopping, she was looking forward to exploring the contents at leisure. The envelope contained the final piece of her gift to her parents for Christmas. With Joanna’s weddingContinue reading “Christmas surprise (That’s life)”

His woman (murder genre)

Entering his hut, the triumphant hunter forgot the still-warm blood dripping from his hard-won carcass, as an unexpected smell of fear assailed him. His eyes sought his woman in the dim fire-light, finding her cowering with his children in the furthest corner. He recognized her terror, without understanding the cause. She crept forward to takeContinue reading “His woman (murder genre)”