I have a little secret (Humor)

I have a little secret
And don’t know what to do
If I share my problem
Can I place my trust in you?
I used to take my secret
beside me everywhere
It was jolly useful
And no-one thought to care
Initially I believed
A use could still be found
my sad little secret
was good to have around
But then the dreadful truth
Got right in my face
Showing it in public
Earned me glances of disgrace
So my little old secret
Stays hidden at the back
In a box on the shelf
Covered by a hemp sack
I cannot throw it away
To end up in landfill
never compost-able
It remains my secret still
I am very much afraid
Keeping secrets is wrong
But there is little choice
Until answers come along
Do you have a solution
I feel the need to nag
just what can I do please
With my last white plastic bag?

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