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If you are involved in theatre, please feel welcome to contact me about the plays I have available for groups to produce. Whether humorous or covering contemporary issues (and often both) my plays mostly range in length from the 10 to 30-minute, and generally involve simple sets.

Below are sample synopsis; enjoy!

Paying for life’ is a four – scene short play, following what happens when adult off-spring discover that their newly-deceased father has been paying money to an unknown woman for decades. It requires a simple set, and three actors.

Birthright’ – watch this space! Premiering later this year. A contemporary (and probably controversial) play dealing with land rights issues.

Where there’s a will’ Comedy/drama dealing with a contemporary issue. Two older women, long-term friends, meet weekly in the back room of a charity shop to sort donated clothing and goods. The after-death revenge of a mutual friend, who had been subjected to elder abuse, inspires them to make changes in their own lives. Requires a simple set and two actors. Due to premier later this year.

‘The Audition’ is fast-moving slapstick comedy, reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin, with the characters exaggerating their actions and facial expressions. It requires a pianist who is skilled and creative. Other than the keyboard music, everything (including the singing) is mimed, until the finale, at which time the choir performs a stirring piece. The specific music to be used in the play is at the discretion of the production team. Whilst this play will be a challenge to put on, it should also be fun. Involves a choir-size cast, and a simple set.

Sarah-Jane’ premiered Nelson 2019, with an encore performance by request at Garin College, is only available through NZ Play Bureau. It was used by Garin’s senior Drama students for NCEA 2019 level 13, and was set to be played at Nelson Fringe festival 2020.

A young girl waves to the old man rocking on his veranda, and so begins a relationship which has life-changing consequences for both of them. The story covers how society views such relationships, adoption, and much more. It involves a very simple set, and just two actors.

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