Does God play internet games? (Humor)

Does God play games? Does he have an i-pad? I know he’s busy all day, watching over people and everything, but what does he do to relax? Everyone needs to relax sometime. Does he have angels play their harps to soothe his soul when someone does something stupid? What about when there’s a disaster and he’s got to cope with an increased workload; people to welcome and masses of extra prayers from earth to be considered?

Does he have a special place in heaven that’s his time-out zone, where even Peter can’t interrupt him? How does he block out all the noise from millions of people praying, so he can clear his head?

If God played games, like play-station, would he cheat by already knowing the answers, or would he just go along for the ride? How does he get on playing against artificial intelligence? Could game robots ever beat God, or does he always win?

If God wanted to play a game on an i-pad, how would he recharge the batteries? Would someone discover a strange i-pad charging up in their house? How would he pay them for their electricity… grant them an extra wish? I need an extra wish. How do I get God to use my electricity so that I can get an extra wish? Can I pray for him to come and use my electricity?

Maybe he can just get it directly from the wires as they go between cities, but that would be stealing and we know God doesn’t steal.

If God plays games, maybe he’s the guy who’s always beating everyone on the internet; the one who calls himself Good Old Dad. Should I ask him?

Maybe blowing his cover isn’t so smart. If God can see what’s in peoples minds, then he would know what I’m planning to do to win; maybe that’s why he’s always ahead of me. Can I just blank my brain and do random stuff; will that throw him off? No; he’ll know I planned it.

That’s it! Obviously I can’t beat God at play-station games, so I’m quitting. No more games. Its tennis for me from now on. I can see my opponent so there’s no cheating, except if God has used their electricity so they have an extra wish…. Oh God!

4 thoughts on “Does God play internet games? (Humor)

  1. Hi Trish, what a great website! I loved reading, ‘Does God play internet games’, it sounds like the musings of a thoughtful, religiously schooled teenage boy. It was excellent and funny. Kay


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