The Lightmaster (Humor)

The Lightmaster came to town on a frosty winter’s day. His deep chestnut muscles glowed as he surveyed his new domain from the top of the horse-truck’s ramp. Evidently satisfied, he descended with confident stride, alert and eager. The mares, recognizing his promise, rushed over to the fence, inspecting this new king. He put onContinue reading “The Lightmaster (Humor)”

Winning post (that’s life)

Shirley sat high up in the grandstand, pressing herself against the back wall, invisible in the shadows. She watched the lone man far below, as he slowly lugged his heavy black rubbish bag along the concrete, where only hours before fortunes had been won and lost. Systematically picking up discarded race tickets with his clawedContinue reading “Winning post (that’s life)”