Does God play internet games? (Humor)

Does God play games? Does he have an i-pad? I know he’s busy all day, watching over people and everything, but what does he do to relax? Everyone needs to relax sometime. Does he have angels play their harps to soothe his soul when someone does something stupid? What about when there’s a disaster andContinue reading “Does God play internet games? (Humor)”

Winning post (that’s life)

Shirley sat high up in the grandstand, pressing herself against the back wall, invisible in the shadows. She watched the lone man far below, as he slowly lugged his heavy black rubbish bag along the concrete, where only hours before fortunes had been won and lost. Systematically picking up discarded race tickets with his clawedContinue reading “Winning post (that’s life)”

Romance – I wish! (Humor)

(This story was first published in ‘Romance’ Flash fiction anthology Oct 2019) Romance – I wish. How did romance pass me by? Eighty-one, and never received a red rose, a box of chocolates, a valentines card. No-one came to serenade me. The only time I’ve been swept off my feet was when I fell inContinue reading “Romance – I wish! (Humor)”

Window to the world (Humor)

(This story first appeared ‘Guilty Pleasures’ anthology 2019, published by ‘Things in the well.’) Businessman Tim fell in love with the ridiculously cheap high-rise apartment at first sight. His lawyer warned that the price reflected some mistake regarding the darkened windows. Tim wasn’t interested in views, so he didn’t care. Those windows provided safety; afterContinue reading “Window to the world (Humor)”