The Pawn (Humor)

This is for the conspiracy theorists…..

The pawn

I am a pawn on the chessboard of life. My moves are pre-ordained. I have no defense against the Important pieces. They have special names and do fancy moves, yet even they are confined by rules.

As a pawn, I move resolutely forward, one step at a time, with my eyes fixed firmly on the prize.

 I see my fellow pawns cruelly knocked down by the Important pieces, one, then another, and another, but I am brave. I go on, head high. I may be the only survivor, but I am resilient. Each step gets me closer, but as with all who have ideas above their station, the risk increases.

An opposition knight, in his shiny white armor, isn’t paying attention, so I take a swing at him, and he is gone. Such a daring move deserves a medal, but a quick check reveals I am the same as I was before, plodding resolutely towards my goal.





On I go.

I sense danger. A bishop has the chance to excommunicate me. I draw myself down, hoping he does not come this way. He glances, but writes me off as piffling. He has bigger spoils to claim. We both know that he can deal with this powerless pawn anytime. I’m sad to see my friend, the castle, crumble from the bishop’s blow.

I plod on.

Suddenly I see my goal, within reach. Just one more step, and I’ll be there!

But wait.

A trap.

I pause.

The enemy lies in wait. Do they think I am so stupid as to leap into the limelight just to be snuffed out in a flash? My friends move to protect me.

My old King is tired, under pressure. He needs my help, but I am just a lowly pawn. The enemy sense his vulnerability, and they move. In their glee they forget about this lowly pawn. Quietly I step forward into my future.

New superpowers course through my veins. I am a queen amongst mere chess pieces, freely able to go where I will. I move with disdain, knocking out those who dare to threaten my king.

In this battle, the enemy come from all sides, but I am on to their games. I sweep them from the board.

 Then, I see the prize, the holy grail of success. The opposing king stands naked, isolated, but not afraid. I see him head for the corner of the board which offers him sanctuary. The only place where I cannot take him out.

Desperately I race to stop him. After a lifetime of battle I cannot fail the last challenge. My own king cheers me on. How useless he is, only able to move one step at a time. He’s not much better than a lowly pawn.

Fixing my gaze on my prey, I move to cut the enemy king off. Am I too late?

Triumphantly he leaps into his corner, not realizing that I have one last move to make. I glide across the board, landing on the only possible solution, and yell ‘check-mate.’ He is done.

My king, in all his one-steps glory, takes the win, forgetting me, his queen.

That’s when I realize, I was just a pawn in his game.

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