Wow! Updating recent milestones :)

Gosh the last few months have brought some lovely responses to my work.

The short story ‘With all my heart’ won a national short story competition in December, and was published in the Northern Advocate newspaper. This follows the short-listing of a flash fiction piece for an anthology which is yet to be finalized, so I have fingers crossed.

The play ‘Housewifely duties’ which had already been short-listed in Sydney, and put on youtube by the English Theatre company in France, was selected to be staged in the Short and sweet festival in Dubai 30th January 2022 and went well.

A Queensland radio station are looking to record three plays over the coming months, and a European director is looking at staging another in live theatre.

Book sales of ‘Knock knock’ continue well, and I am currently working on another, so watch this space!

There’s more to come…..

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