Arthur (Humor)

There was a problem. Not a big problem you understand, but still a problem. Just one of those niggles that sit at the back of your mind and poke you at unexpected moments. The trouble was, Nell knew she ought to dig it out, have a good look at it, and find an answer.

Her Arthur always knew what to do with problems, but if he was here then she wouldn’t have the problem in the first place.

In truth, she didn’t want to deal with it, which was a problem in itself. Maybe, if she ignored it, the problem would go away, without her having to do anything.

But in her heart, if she was truly honest, she knew it was her problem to solve, and things wouldn’t be right until she had.

 With a cup of tea in hand, she settled in her sunroom, and pondered. She cast her mind back to when there had been no problem; when Arthur was safely ensconced across from her seat. She tried to think how the problem could have arisen, as though to find a clue for its resolution, but the answer eluded her, as usual.

With a sigh she looked again at where Arthur should be snugly tucked up. The thing was, why couldn’t she remember shifting him, and where, oh where, was he?

Sighing, she pulled herself out of her chair, knowing that at some point she would have to seriously search the house from top to bottom for her late husbands ashes, but not today. Oh no, not today. Determinedly, she returned the problem to the back of her mind, where it rejoined the mystery of why she married Arthur in the first place; and there they both sat, gathering more dust.

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