‘Found’ story (humor)

This short story is the result of a writers group challenge. Each line is the title of a book to be found in my home, hence the genre is known as a ‘found’ piece. The authors names are in brackets. Enjoy!

How to kill your husband                                          (Kathy Lette)

Its perfectly easy                                                        (Mary Scott)

Don’t tell a soul                                                         (DK Hood)

In darkness                                                                (Nick Lake)

One pair of hands                                                     (Monica Dickens)

and I quote                                                                (Derek Lambert)

Kidnapped                                                                  (RL Stevenson)

The man who forgot his wife                                     (John O’Farrell)

on the street where you live                                       (Mary Higgins Clark)

Beyond reasonable doubt                                          (David Yallop)

Life is good                                                                 (George Dawson)

Somewhere in heaven                                                (C Andersen)

The vanished man                                                      (Jeffrey Deaver)

dreamt                                                                       (unknown author)

We’ll meet again                                                         (Mary Higgins Clark)

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